Google Analytics Reports

Create your Google Analytics reports with Fourtwo and use your time to gain insights and improve the performance of your site or your customers.

Google Analytics Reports

Choose the best template for your report, presentation, dashboard or infographic and focus on the conclusions – the hard work is with us! Here are some of our “ready to use” Google Analytics reporting templates you can use:

Google Analytics Widgets

Tired of all reports with the same look? We’ve created our Widgets to make your Google Analytics Slides, Dashboards, and Infographics even more beautiful and easy to understand.

Your Google Analytics reports with other Data Sources

With Fourtwo, you are just a few clicks from connecting different Data Sources and create your reports. Easy and fast, connected to most important APIs.

Reports without that report look.

Choose the best way to show your data. Fourtwo has created three ways: Reporting, Infographics, and Dashboards.

Customize it your way

Choose or create themes for your reports with our and partners library of thousands of icons, fonts and photos.


Icons and Shapes


Ready to change the way you create reports?