Many people think that productivity is always being busy, all the time taken. While in fact, productivity is synonymous with efficiency. That is, doing the same amount of work in less time. Being productive, then, will give you more stress free moments to do what you want!

Check out these 10 tips to help you better manage your time, end the day more satisfied with your results in a healthier way.


1) Focus, focus and focus!

Leave multitask! Although it seems very productive, studies point out that multitasking actually results in a drop of approximately 40% in productivity¹.

This is because we do not actually perform the tasks at the same time, but quickly switch from one task to another. This forces us to constantly have to look for the thread and consequently our productivity plummets.

The most interesting thing then is to focus on one function at a time and solve it with no interruption.


2) Discover your most productive period

We all have that moment when we are at full steam during the day. For some people this period is morning, others are better at dawn. No matter what your time, identify it and set aside the heavier tasks for this window.

That way, for the rest of the day you can take care of lighter chores.


3) Set priorities in advance

Sometimes the obligations are so great that we can waste a lot of time choosing which tasks to perform on time. The very productive set the most important tasks of the day in advance, so they know exactly where to start, streamlining the entire process.


4) Take a break

There is a limit to how long we can concentrate on a given job. When mind and body are exhausted, effectiveness falls. So no matter how busy you are, be sure to take a few minutes to stretch your legs, drink water or take a walk. You will return to renewed work and this will increase your productivity.


5) Group similar tasks

If your tasks include routine tasks, try grouping them together and solving them all at once.

If you have to answer emails, return calls, pay bills, or even tidy up your home, try to resolve these processes at once instead of interrupting each activity to resume a previous one.


6) Take care of your body

This tip is as obvious as it is neglected, but healthy people are more productive! So exercise, eat well, always stay hydrated and ensure a good night’s sleep. Much of the well-being and ability to think clearly is associated with a healthy body, and its productivity only has to grow.


7) Avoid distractions

External distractions are the main enemies of productivity. So when you are in your productive period, avoid checking social networks, keep your phone notifications turned off.

But we know how hard it is to be immune to distractions, so here are some additional tips.

  • Use separate browsers or profiles for work and personal life, this can help you stay in the work mindset more easily.
  • Set times to check your networks, preferably at the end of the day or when you have finished your tasks.

These tips are even more valid if you work from home and any access is unrestricted!


8) Plan your meetings

While essential, too long or unfocused meetings can be big rivals for productivity. Therefore, planning is very important. Here are some tips for optimizing your meetings:

First consider if the meeting is really necessary. Often an entire meeting could be resolved with an email exchange. Separate the relevant topics beforehand. Be clear and objective, stay on the agenda and get to the point. Set times, if the meeting has no time to end, it will usually be less objective.


9) Search for tools that help you

There are now many super specific websites, tools and apps that aim to assist your users’ productivity through automation, organization, indexing or various other ways.

Therefore, always research whether there are specific tools for performing certain functions before you begin your work. They can dramatically increase their effectiveness. Fourtwo is an example of this. 🙂


10) Learn how to say “NO”

Being productive also means choosing your obligations well. If you think a role assigned to you doesn’t have a lot of priority, run away from your expertise, or you’re extremely busy, don’t be afraid to say no. Often a lot of stress lies in the pressure of having to perform countless tasks that run away from your needs.


And you, what do you do to be more productive, on and off your work?

Fourtwo is a tool that helps you be more productive!

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