Reports are an important tool for tracking results and seeking insights to make decisions.
In addition, other topics are important in the process of delivering a report: customer relationship, care and attention.

For this reason, we have listed some important topics in report delivery that could mean increased quality of delivery as well as the quality of your customer relationship:

Delay in the delivery of the report can give the perception of lack of responsibility, attention, work overload, among others. Report automation decreases authoring time, eliminates delays, and gives you more time to make decisions.

Report Purpose
As we mentioned in another post, the era of Big Data is marked by the sheer volume of data from many sources at a great rate. However, too much data displayed in a report can get in the way and create confusion. So always be objective and focus on your key metrics and insights.

Display Format
We made a post about the different report view templates and when to use them, such as Presentation, Dashboards, One Page Report or even what we call ‘pills’, which is quick and objective information. At the time of creating a report, with the defined purpose, choose the most appropriate format to display this information.

Report Look
Shows dedication, care and attention in the project, so it is so important. Leave it to your customer’s face, show that you have devoted your time to making a better delivery for them. Choose graphics and elements that tell the story you want to convey.

Insights and Conclusions
One of the most requested questions by customers. Do not just read the data that is displayed. Asking some questions can help you find insights:

  1. What may have generated this result?
  2. What can this change have to do with?
  3. Did I get any important insights?

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