For most companies with their own databases, generating insights from their business in a timely manner is often a tricky or slow task.

Imagine being able to change this reality and be able to follow in real time the update of your data. Believe me, this is possible with the Fourtwo!

In this post you will see how easy it is to connect your favorite analytic or transactional MySQL Database and generate a Dashboard to get an overview of the tool’s capability. Come on?

Step 1

After logging in to Fourtwo, click Connections.:

Step 2

Click MySQL and then Add Connection:

Step 3

Enter the connection data for your database. This step may vary slightly depending on the selected database, for example: When selecting an Oracle Database Fourtwo will request SID which is a required info from this specific SGDB.

Step 4

After registering your database you will return to the list of MySQL Databases. Click on the gear and then “Add Query” to register your Queries, Tables or Views.

Step 5

In this example we use “Query” we search the Top 10 of the most spoken languages in our example database. Fourtwo will automatically try to determine the query metrics and dimensions, and if it misses any fields, the user can correct this at this time.

Click Save and your query will be ready for use!

Step 6

In a blank Dashboard, we add a Column Chart widget and in this widget we select:

  • Data Source: MySQL
  • Host: Choose the desired Database
  • Query: Select the pre-registered query
  • Dimensions and Metrics: Select the dimensions and metrics you want to display.
  • Click on Save

Done, now you can enjoy your Dashboard!

Ready to change the way you create reports?

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