Video is the most consumed format and the importance of having it in your Digital Marketing planning is critical to success..

With the new Fourtwo integration, you can create YouTube Reports in seconds, with the look of your channel or your customer. Take a look what you can do:


Show your channel evolution

Choose which key metrics to display. Make comparisons and see the evolution of your results. Set goals and see if you are about to reach them.


No more tables. Is it report of the best videos? Show the videos!

Our YouTube Widgets are designed to make your reports look visual. Much better display like this, right?


Check background and title font for this slide?

Fourtwo is a data visualization tool and gives you all the tools to customize your report. Use our image and icon bank, set the colors of your brand or your customer.


You have a variety of metrics at your disposal to build a YouTube report according to your purpose. Look at some of the main ones.:

  • Views: The number of times the video was viewed;
  • Viewing Time in Minutes: How long have users watched.
  • Average Duration in Seconds: The average time the video was played.
  • Average Duration in Percentage: The percentage of video viewed during a preview.
  • Comments: Number of times users commented on a video. 
  • Likes: Number of times users indicated they liked a video by clicking the Like button.
  • Dislikes: Number of times users indicated they did not like a video by clicking the Dislike button.
  • Sharing: Number of times users shared video via Share button.
  • Earned Subscribers: Number of times users subscribed to the channel.
  • Lost Subscribers: Number of times users unsubscribed from the channel.


Build your YouTube Reports with Fourtwo

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