With so many metrics available, we sometimes forget to focus on some key analytics and apply optimizations that can quickly improve campaign results.
We listed 3 tips that can improve the results of your Google Ads campaigns..
1) Check the time the campaigns are being served
If your campaigns have a far-reaching theme and you have a high Impression Share, your investment is probably be consumed fast early in the day.
To prevent this from happening, track your campaigns in the report by time and days of the week.
If you’re only serving early in the day, you can lower your cost-per-click (CPC), earn more clicks, and serve during the times and days that matter most to your business.
2) Low CPA (cost per acquisition) campaigns with low coverage
This is one of the tips that can turn a campaign’s key and increase the number of conversions.
Focus where you have the best results and still have elasticity.
An example below:
The dashed line that cuts through the red columns is the average CPA of $199.00. Above it, the least profitable campaigns. Below it, the most profitable.
The blue line represents Impression Share. Note that the campaign with the highest coverage reaches only 38%.
Arrows represent campaigns with opportunity to expand. In the case of this chart, the farther to the right, the lower the CPA, with low coverage (less than 30%), meaning that there is still a 70% chance of reaching, which means more clicks and possibly more conversions..
3) Small budget? Run away from generic terms
They may have more competition and are at an early stage of the consumer’s journey.
Below an example using the category Tennis. This can and should be followed for your business.
Remember, your ad and landing page must be an answer to this search.
Think With Google recently posted a story about how impatient consumers are and how we should shorten the path of doubt by giving answers to user surveys (or would be questions?).
Get to work!

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